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Link Text and Location Copier

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Link Text and Location Copier is a Firefox WebExtension that helps you creating links right from the context menu. It copies a link’s text and location, the page title and URL, or selected text and page url as either plain text, HTML, Markdown or BB Code links.

It is heavily inspired by CoLT, one of my favorite add-ons, which will not be ported for Firefox 57. It is also my first attempt at creating a web extension, so I blatantly stole some code to make it work.


Link Text and Location Copier is currently available in English, Dutch and German.

If you want to contribute a translation, please get in touch.




Note: Not all old versions are available on AMO. Versions with stupid bugs are disabled.

Known issues

Custom Format Documentation

Easy as pie: with the variables listed below, create whatever format you need.

Context dependant custom format variables
(Deprecated. Will probably be removed in version 2.)
Variable Link Page Selection Image inside a link
%T Link text Page title Selected text 1 All text inside the link 1
%U Link URL Page URL Document URL 2 Link URL
%I Image URL
Context independent custom format variables
Variable Value
%linktitle% Link title 3
%linkurl% Link URL 3
%pagetitle% Page title
%pageurl% URL of the page (i.e., the URL in the addressbar)
%documenturl% URL of the document containing to be copied link/selection 2
%selection% Selected text 3
%N Newline character 4
%B Tab character
%L Localized time stamp
  1. Including an image’s alt-attribute
  2. When used inside a (i)frame, it will return the URL of the framed page.
  3. Will return an empty string when unavailable.
  4. \n. For HTML, you can insert <br /> into the template.


Credits / Acknowledgements


If you have a feature requests or bug report, if you want to help out with translations, or if you just want to get in touch, here are a few options: